Conference presentation Hyaneb March 2014 HCFA-TEAM March 24, 2015

Conference presentation Hyaneb March 2014

Modern approach to respiratory problems in C.F.

Dear patients and friends,
Yesterday’s event on Friday 7/3/2014, organized by CHIESI under the auspices of the Hellenic Lung Society entitled “Modern approach to respiratory problems in Cystic Fibrosis”, was attended by the representatives of our Association, Giannis Spinos (President) Dimitris Kontopidis (Vice President) and Nadia Proga (Member of the Board). The presentation of the hypertonic solution “HYANEB” with sodium hyaluronate was held.

Speakers were:
-Mr. Mr. Kioumis (Papanikolaou of Thessaloniki)
“The pathophysiology of the respiratory system in Cystic Fibrosis”.
-Ms. Hatziagorou (Cystic fibrosis in the Hospital of Thessaloniki).
“Antimicrobial treatment for the treatment of lung disease in Cystic Fibrosis”
-Mr. Papadopoulos (Attikon)
“The role of hypertonic solution with sodium hyaluronate in venous clearance”
-Mr. Prieftis (Attikon)
“Compliance to inhaled treatment in Cystic Fibrosis”

The moderator was Mr. Chanakas (Hippocrates Hospital of Thessaloniki)

Attending were:

Mr. Paspalakis (PEPAGNI Crete)
Ms. Loukou (Ag. Sophia Children’s Hospital)
Ms. Petrochilou (Ag. Sophia Children’s Hospital)
Mr. Kochyfas (Sismanoglio)
Ms. Gioca (Sismanoglio)

Regarding the presentation of “HYANEB”, a hypertonic solution with the difference that it contains sodium hyaluronate, in its positive aspects it was noted that:
There is no bronchospasm and cough as in the hypertonic and it does not have a salty taste.
On the negative side:
It is higher in price (60 euros/ 30 vials) compared to the hypertonic but perhaps compensated by the fact that no dilution consumables (syringes/ saline) are needed.
There are no proven findings yet that it has a more positive effect on patients.

In conclusion, those who cannot use hypertonic and want to, can try with sodium hyaluronate.

For any clarification please contact your doctors.

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