2nd Chronic Respiratory Diseases Conference April 2016 HCFA-TEAM January 19, 2017

2nd Chronic Respiratory Diseases Conference April 2016


Guest at the 2nd Conference on Respiratory Diseases was the President of our Association Dimitris Kontopidis who presented the successful interventions from 2012 until today that have changed the map of Cystic Fibrosis in our country as he said. The journalist Michalis Kefalogiannis was impressed and said that the Association is a model of operation according to European standards, in the presence of the most important scientists and professors in the field of Respiratory Diseases, such as Professor Koulouris, Mr. Koulouris, Mr. Bouros, Mr. Siafakas, Mr. Gratsiou Chair ERS and Mrs. Gaga Vice President ERS. In fact, Professor Siafakas asked for a “commitment” from Mr. Kontopidis to undertake the creation of a Federation of Pulmonary Diseases as his knowledge, experience and efficiency are necessary for the support of other respiratory diseases.

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