Personalised Therapy and Innovation October 2016 HCFA-TEAM January 19, 2017

Personalised Therapy and Innovation October 2016


The President of our Association Dimitris Kontopidis participated with a speech at the Conference “Personalized Therapy: Targeted and Innovative Therapies: Benefits for the Patient, Savings for the Health System” held on 6/10/2016 at Divani Caravel Hotel. The topics which he developed were: the problems that arise when patients and their medication needs are not fully recorded. The problems faced by Cystic Fibrosis patients due to limited or no immediate and timely access to innovative treatments and the Problems that arise regarding reimbursement arrangements for new drugs and prescription.

In particular, it highlighted the delay in the registration of Cystic Fibrosis patients and the impact on their inability to participate in clinical trials of innovative medicines. It also highlighted the delay in patients’ access to innovative medicines, with the drug ORKAMBI being a case in point, where out of the prescription of about 90 beneficiaries, only 30 of them had access by summer 2016, while with follow-up interventions in the following months, this had increased to only 60. He denounced the mockery of patients by certain institutions with specific examples. Finally, he highlighted the benefits and necessity of patient participation in the HTA drug evaluation committee.


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