Children’s book “Secret Mission: CF”- European CF Awareness Week 2023 HCFA TEAM November 29, 2023

Children’s book “Secret Mission: CF”- European CF Awareness Week 2023

🕵️ 🐈 “Secret Mission: CF”

Chloe and Kiri invite us to take part in an interactive journey, a secret mission to uncover the mystery of Cystic Fibrosis and to unlock its secrets. 

Register here to attend in the presentation of the first interactive children’s book for CF in Greece during the conference “Cystic Fibrosis: Preparing for the future”, which will be held on Sunday, 3 December, 9.30-16.30, in Innovathens of Thecnhopolis of City of Athens.

📖 The “Secret Mission: CF” is an initiative of our Association for young patients and their caregivers and for anyone who wish to discover the secrets of Cystic Fibrosis. A gift from the old CF “children” and our parents to our young children and their caregivers. The idea of creating a children book came up when adult CF patients asked ourselves what we would advise ourselves as a child if we were able to go back in the past. It was a need of young and older members of our community to discover the mystery and the secrets of the disease.

🌹 Special thanks to the author and illustrator, Liana Denezaki, the scientific CF committee and the clinicians, the Board Members of HCFA and all the members of our Association for their contribution to the creation of the book “Secret Mission: CF”, exactly as we have dreamed it. Special thanks to Vertex Pharmaceuticals for the kind support of the book.

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